Camp Recorder

“One of the best parts of being Camp Recorder has to be getting to stand at the top of the climbing tower and give high fives to all the grinning campers who made it to the top. This was especially great when you were high-fiving campers who were convinced they wouldn’t make it up there!”

Our Camp Recorders are hugely important. Through photographs they record the journey of our Campers, capturing their achievements and the magic moments they experience whilst participating in Camp activities. Campers will be able to look back on these photos and reflect on how they have developed new skills and achieved things they never thought they were capable of. This is an essential stage of our Camp model, Therapeutic Recreation

As Camp Recorder you will be photographing Campers as they perform a wide range of activities including Drama, Music, Arts and Crafts, Discovery, Sports and Games.  You will then create a slideshow of the photos you have collected which will be displayed to all Campers at the end of the week.  Camp Recorders receive ongoing support throughout Camp.

This is an excellent opportunity for budding photographers to gain experience in a dynamic environment and work with a reputable national organisation.   

We are looking for Camp Recorder who:

  • Has a demonstrable passion for photography
  • Owns their own camera and memory cards that can be used at Camp
  • Can follow a brief effectively
  • Is confident handling unfamiliar computer systems.  The Camp Recorder will be required to operate the programme ‘Lightroom’ on a Mac Computer (though training is provided, you will need to be able to grasp the systems relatively quickly.)
  • Has the ability to form positive, supportive relationships with Campers and fellow Volunteers
  • Possesses excellent communications skills and can work effectively as part of a team
  • Is reliable, punctual and dependable
  • Has a sense of fun!