How to host your own comedy night!

Following on from the success of The Future of Comedy Part III (read all about it ‘here’) we thought we’d give our other supporters some help to run their own gig.

Put the FUN in fundraising and do something funny for money. Camp is all about having fun, so what  better way to support our campers by having a night dedicated to laughter!

  1. Choose your committee. Because it’s easier when we’re all in this together. Allocate roles to different people – who’s in charge of publicity, venue, guestlist, raffle or collections, sales, acts…? Of course you don’t have to have all these roles!
  2. Pick a venue. We will love you whether you’re planning on a new talent night in your Scout hall or if you just happen to know someone at The Apollo oh and by the way your sister-in-law’s cousin twice removed is Jack Dee’s neighbour and can get you a couple of favours…

Think about how many people you want to be there and how you’re going to set it out. Why not try calling your local pubs or comedy clubs and see if they’ll do you a discount. A great venue can attract some awesome talent too as well as extra publicity.

  1. Recruit your stars! At this point it’s definitely worth sitting down and watching a few gigs. Just for homework, you know. How many acts do you want? And how much time do you want to give them? There’s so many different ways to format your night, so it’s entirely up to you. Make sure you’ve got a boisterous MC to get the crowd going and pull the event together.
  2. It’s time to price it up. Take into account the cost of the venue and any other outgoings. Are you just going to offer comedy? Does your venue have a licensed bar and what are the regulations on bringing your own drinks to your local hall?

Have you considered a raffle at the interval? You could even get one of your acts to announce it. Everyone loves a raffle and it’s a great way to bring in a little bit extra with some awesome prizes. Get in touch with Over The Wall for a template donation letter for raffle prizes.

  1. Bring in the guests! There are so many ways to spread the word – from traditional posters and adverts in the local paper, to a Facebook Event or your venue’s own ticket seller. Don’t be afraid to rope in all your friends and family to shout out about Over The Wall and your amazing event. Just watch out if you’re selling tickets in advance that you don’t over-fill the venue!

If you want to get in the local media, get in touch with our Marketing and Communications Officer, Rachael, who’ll be happy to help out with any press.

  1. Roll on opening night! Don’t forget to have at least one person manning the door and another managing backstage to keep all those celebrities and celebs-to-be happy. Make sure you chat to your guests and if you’re having a raffle, flog some tickets. Why not get the MC to mention it before the break? Why not put some OTW leaflets and posters around? Get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to send some along!

Then all there is to do, is sit back and enjoy the show! Good luck!

Want to run your own comedy night, but need some help? Give our fundraising team a call and we’ll be happy to lend a hand!
Ready to go? Register your OTW fundraising event here!