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Camper Criteria 

To ensure the child is able to benefit fully from our camp programme, they must :

 have the physical ability to participate in an action-packed activity programme with a range of high and low energy activities
✔ have the social and emotional ability to participate in a group setting and team activities with children of their own age
 be able to communicate their needs independently
 be able to transfer from floor to chair and bed to chair independently if they use a wheelchair

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept campers who:

x have Cystic Fibrosis or Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (due to the risk of cross-infection and infection to immunocompromised campers)
x are more than 2-3 years off treatment,  if they do not have any ongoing health challenges
x have recognised current behavioural issues
Autistic Spectrum Disorders
x need overnight care/intervention/monitoring, or health care needs that require constant one to one support

Health Challenge Camps Criteria

We invite applications from children aged 8 to 17 years, living in the UK, who are currently receiving treatment, or experiencing health challenges. This includes, but is not limited to:

Cancer and Leukaemia
Blood disorders (eg Sickle Cell Anaemia, Haemophilia)
Endocrine disorders (eg Diabetes)
Gastrointestinal disorders (eg Inflammatory bowel disease, TPN-dependent)
Rheumatological conditions (eg Juvenille Rheumatoid Arthritis)
Immunological disorders (eg Primary or Acquired Immune Deficiencies)
Respiratory Disorders (eg Brittle Asthma)
Skin Conditions (eg Severe Eczema)
Multiple Severe Allergies
Heart conditions (eg Congenital Heart Disease)
Kidney disease (eg Polycystic Kidney Disease, Renal Failure)
Neurological disorders (eg Epilepsy, Spina Bifida)
Neuromuscular disorders (eg Muscular Dystrophy)
Organ Transplant
Physical disability (eg Spinal Injury)

Sibling Camp Criteria

We invite applications from children aged 8 to 17 who have a brother or sister (of any age) who is currently receiving treatment, or experiencing health challenges. Unfortunately we are unable to accept children with an Autistic Spectrum Disorder or diagnosed behavioural difficulties.

Family Camp Criteria

We invite applications from families who have a child aged from birth to 17 years, who is currently receiving treatment, or experiencing health challenges.





Medical Provision at Camp

The medical programme is overseen year round by our Nursing Team, which is headed by our Nursing Director, Natalie Marshall. The team will review each child’s application to ensure we can meet their needs at camp. They may contact parents or the child’s nurse/doctor if they need further information or specific care plans.

The medical team at camp is known as ‘Beach Patrol’. They are a team of volunteer nurses and doctors who come from varied areas of practice. The team is led by our Nursing Director or one of the OTW Nursing Co-ordinators, who are all senior nurses. Our volunteer Nurses (child, adult and learning disabilities) come from a range of clinical backgrounds. Our volunteer Doctors are ST2 and above in Paediatrics, General Practice or Emergency Medicine. We have at least one doctor at each Health Challenges camp, who is practicing at a senior level (ST4+). All are subject to an interview, references and DBS check. 

At Health Challenges camp, we usually have a Beach Patrol team of around 10 to ensure each camper team has a doctor or nurse. We have a smaller Beach Patrol team of around 3 at Sibling Camp. At Family Camp, parents will be responsible for providing their child’s care, but we will have a nurse or doctor there to provide support. Overnight there will be a nurse/doctor on call for emergencies.

Care is given in the ‘Beach Hut’, our beach themed medical room. Beach Patrol will be responsible for providing “home from home care”, which includes giving medications, NG/PEG feeds, carbohydrate counting, bladder/bowel care and other necessary care. Whilst we are able to provide first aid and emergency care, camp is not equipped to provide care for acutely unwell children, therefore if a child becomes unwell at camp, we may need to transfer them to hospital for ongoing care.




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How to refer a camper?


Healthcare Professional Form

Every child applying for our Health Challenges Camps must have a Healthcare Professional Form completed by their Nurse Specialist or Consultant. The child’s application will not be fully assessed until this form is received. 


This form must be completed by the child's Nurse Specialist or Consultant.

Forms completed by parents will not be accepted.

More Information

We have Regional Coordinators located around the UK who are more than happy to meet with you and your colleagues, provide leaftlets and posters, or any answer any of your questions. Please get in touch.


South & London Regional Coordinator

Camper Recruitment: Hayley

079466 27548




Midlands and North of England Regional Coordinators

Camper Recruitment: Michelle

07775 581 292,



Scotland & North East England Regional Coordinator

Camper Recruitment: Susanne

07508 818001,