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by Sophie on Blank Business Name

Our 15yr old son attended his first OTW Camp. He had an amazing time & can't wait to go next year. He loved it! Thank you to all the staff & volunteers for creating such a fantastic opportunity that makes such a positive impact on those who need a boost 🙂

by Tracy Black on Blank Business Name

My Son Cameron (14) attended the health challenge Scotland camp this year. He was very nervous and it took him a couple of days to settle in. He had an amazing time, he returned more confident, happy and relaxed. A massive thank you to all the volunteers who helped Cameron. He is hoping to go again next year. For the first time he was able to enjoy activities and forget about his illness. I am a very happy Mum!

by Elaine McCulloch on Blank Business Name

My Daughter Kayla (8) went on her first H.C camp in Perth Scotland and had the most amazing time, created fabulous memories, made lifelong friends, gained in confidence dramatically, and said everyone made her feel normal and not a sick child, the staff and volunteers deserve Gold Medals indeed.

by Laure Om on Blank Business Name

My son Leo was 12 years old when his little sister was diagnosed with Leukaemia in November 2007. Both my children benefited immensely from Over The wall camp and helped them to regain HOPE. Life is about feeling alive and hope is essential to survival. We are so grateful for what such amazing charity gave them with their motto that “Allow children to kick back and have fun in a range of recreational activities, completely free of charge. OTW encourage Campers to reach beyond the perceived limitations of their illness and REDISCOVER A WHOLE WORLD OF POSSIBILITIES, helping to build their confidence, self-esteem, coping strategies and peer relationships.”Now Leo, aged 21, is cycling 400+ miles across the Himalayas up to 4700 m altitude (highest point that he should reach by the 21.06.2016) travelling on the world’s most treacherous road from Shimla to Manali. This extraordinary challenge is fundraising for Over The Wall, a cause that he chosen close to his heart.

by Tyra ross on Blank Business Name

Ive been going to camp since I was 12. This summer was my last year as a camper and I couldnt have asked for a better one. Every year at camp I have had the most fun I could ever have, I've made a lot of friends and I've challenged myself to do things I never thought I could do. OTW has made me a more confident person and has taught me to believe in myself. I can't belive my time as a camper is over but I will be back as a volunteer in the near future!

by Rachel Leighton on Blank Business Name

As volunteers we have the privilege of meeting some incredible campers who, believe me, enable us see what we are capable of as much as we enable them to.We see them arrive a little unsure of what the week has in store and we see them leave smiling, singing, booty shaking, equipped with a newly discovered tenacity and already counting down to the next summer camp.Camp is such a magical place; a bubble that has to be experienced to be truly understood. The campers give their all in each and every activity, supporting and encouraging each other. The volunteers give every ounce of their energy to create "the longest days of the shortest week" and give every inch of their skin to facepaint. The Beach Patrol dance, sing, dress up and do everything to de-medicalise health challenges whilst still always ensuring campers are as well looked after as they would be at home. The staff work tirelessly to keep the bubble going, to be at the receiving end of forfeits and challenges and providing a cup of tea and a shoulder at any time of day! All these things together create the camp bubble and I can't think of anywhere else I would rather spend a week each summer.Over the Wall we love you deep down in our hearts!

by Karen Reid on Blank Business Name

My son and daughter attended camp for the first time (Health Challenges & Siblings Camp). It was the first time my son had been away from home and we were both a bit nervous. The staff put us at ease straight away and kept me updated with his progress. He returned a happy, more confident boy. He is already counting the weeks until next year when he can hopefully return. My daughter returned yesterday from Siblings Camp and she also can't wait to return. Thank you all, you do a great job.

by Elaine McCulloch on Blank Business Name

Chloe (11) went on her first siblings camp to Perth Scotland and was very nervous but soon she had lifelong friends, valuable insights, experiences, memories and confidence. The volunteers and staff were amazing and Chloe can't wait till the next time, these people really do deserve all the praise and support we can give them.

by Eleanor Willson on Blank Business Name

I've been going to camp since I was 8 years old, sadly I'm too old to go now. I'm planning on volunteering in the near future. I've made lots of friends and I'm still in contact with my friends from camp now. Just thank you to the team at camp for giving me the bestest weeks at camp of my life which I will probably not forget xxx keep on lemon and liming, which whenever I see my friends at college they always sing it xx love you guys xx

by Wendy Flynn on Blank Business Name

My son Oliver has just got back from South camp. He had a fabulous time and discovered lots of new interests and things he is good at. It is wonderful to see him so happy and he has gained so much. I can't thank Over The Wall enough and your magnificent staff team. Oliver is full of it and has loved every minute. Just what he needed. He's on about next year already. Thank you so much. It means so much to us and helps us all xxxxx.