Developing Camp 365

Over The Wall's Camp 365

Camp 365 is Over The Wall’s new virtual programme, where you and your family can experience the magic of an Over The Wall camp from the comfort of  your own home.

Our brand new and exciting service, Camp 365 is launching on 1 April 2022! We’ve interviewed our Virtual Event Manager, Jade, to give you the scoop on Camp 365 and what to expect!

What is Camp 365?

Camp 365 is our exciting new virtual programme, where campers and families can experience the magic of an Over The Wall camp from the comfort of their home, 365 days a year! It is a free, fun, and engaging way for children with serious illnesses or disabilities to participate in a diverse range of online activities, events, and workshops. 

Why was Camp 365 developed?

Camp 365 was created to allow campers access to our new virtual platform 365 days a year at a time that suits them. Over The Wall has welcomed campers to residential camps for many years but, because of Covid-“19, we had to pause these for the safety of our campers. 

Over the past two years, we have developed Camp in the Cloud, which allows us to provide a ‘camp’ experience, virtually.  Both residential camp and Camp in the Cloud are one-off events that campers attend only once per year so, to enable campers to access OTW every day of the year, from home, at a time that suits them, we have developed Camp 365. 

How was Camp 365 made?

Camp 365 was created using a development team and working alongside Adaptivle (who we worked with to create Camp in the Cloud) to create the website. Last year we ran a small testing period between August-December where we tested the platform and worked with some amazing partners, who are all joining Camp 365 again this year! We used the feedback we received, to make improvements to the Camp 365 website in time for the launch. We have even added some more amazing features like the Passport and new partners for campers to discover! 

What are some fun features of the site?

Camp 365 has a wide variety of activities, games, and events on the platform which campers can get involved with. We also have brand new partners joining Camp 365 such as Go Sketch, Omnium, and the Flying Dutchman. Campers can watch shows, learn skills in pre-recorded videos and join live events with other campers and our amazing partners!

Each camper will receive their own individual virtual Passport when they have signed up to Camp 365 and the more games, events and activities completed the more stamps campers will earn!

There is also a message board and gallery where campers can post messages and pictures showing others what amazing sessions they have joined! Campers can communicate even further with other campers and volunteers on our camp chats, where campers will play traditional camp games and talk about everything Camp 365!

Camp 365 Passport

What’s the difference between Camp 365 and Camp in the Cloud?

Unlike Camp in the Cloud, Camp 365 is open 24/7 365 days a year! Campers can sign in at any time that suits them, from wherever they are where Wi-Fi or data is available! Campers can also pick and choose which sessions, activities, and games they would like to complete, instead of having to stick to a schedule.  

Who can access Camp 365?

Camp 365 is primarily aimed at Campers aged 6-17 years who have a health condition, but like our residential camps, the activities and events can be adapted to suit a wider age range and be enjoyed by the whole family! 

What can campers expect from the partner’s live activities?

The live sessions are the camper’s opportunity to ask any question they wish to our partners, or even to do an activity live such as cooking, creative doodling sessions, or Q&A with the stars from Omnium Circus! 

How do people sign up for Camp365?

It’s quick and simple to sign up to Camp 365, by simply filling out some questions to gain access.