Why work with us

At Over The Wall we are passionate about collaboration and focusing on the synergy between charities to provide a more joined-up approach to children’s illness. We understand that providing activity camps for seriously ill children and young people is a high risk activity, particularly as the regulatory requirements become ever more rigorous and complex and many charities do not have the capacity, budget or skills to take this on. Let Over The Wall support you on this journey.

How we can help you

By linking with us, an Ofsted rated ‘Outstanding’ children’s charity, you will enter into a partnership that is guaranteed to deliver mutually-beneficial rewards – helping you meet your strategic objectives and deliver specific outcomes.¬†We contribute to two-thirds of the cost of camp, we assess the campers, prepare, organise, manage and deliver camp. A dedicated partnerships manager will be on-hand during your time with us.

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The all important FAQs...

How much does it cost partner charities? Where do camps take place? How does Over The Wall guarantee quality? All this and more answered in the FAQs document below. Got a question we haven’t answered here? Our dedicated partnerships manager is be on-hand to answer your questions.


What will happen at camp?

View the Partner camp handbook – tailored for our campers.

Take a look at a sample camp activity schedule below – bear in mind that we tailor activities to the type of camp and location, for more in depth information please get in touch.

Camp schedule

What our families say

“It was wonderful for our daughter to realise that she is not the only one going through this and for us parents to be able to share our experiences with others that are on the same journey.”

What is Therapeutic Recreation?

Challenge, Success, Reflection and Discovery...

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