This Christmas, can you donate £25 to help another family with a seriously ill child feel less alone?

Reggie’s Story

Reggie and his brother Frankie both have a condition affecting their immune system. It’s very rare for two children in the same family to be impacted. It means that if they catch a cold, it can quickly turn into pneumonia. If they catch a bug, it can be life-threatening. That means that when the coronavirus first emerged, their family had to lock down to save their lives. 21 months later, they are still in isolation. Their front gate is a frontier they can never cross.

It hasn’t been easy. No holidays. No trips to the beach. No sleepovers with friends. No visits from their big sister, Lily. While their mum and dad are doing their best to be parents, friends, teachers, and entertainers, they told Over The Wall: “It’s just us”.

This Christmas, seriously ill children like Reggie urgently need your help to be able to attend a life-changing camp at Over The Wall. Will you donate today?


Camp in the Cloud – fun, friendship, and understanding

Things changed when generous people like you helped Reggie and his sister, Maisie, enjoy the magic and mischief of childhood with Over The Wall’s virtual, at-home camp experience: Camp in the Cloud. Their family treated it as a holiday, and told us “when the box arrived through our door, it was like opening a box of sunshine”. They put on their best clothes, and started the activities.

Reggie joined the Health Challenge Camp with other children who have serious illnesses. This was his chance to realise that there were other children his age in the world facing the same challenges. Rather than it being just him at the garden gate, Reggie made friends who were just like him! Talking to other children who had been shielding helped him feel less alone.

For Maisie, who has been so brave and sacrificed so much to keep her brothers safe, the siblings camp was a dream come true. She made friends who understood the isolation and frustration of months of shielding and helped her feel less alone.


These are conversations they can’t have with their old friends at school who simply don’t understand why they can’t come out to play anymore. At Camp, this “new normal” was simply normal. After months of isolation, Camp in the Cloud helped their family feel less alone.

The good news is that Reggie and Frankie have started a new treatment, giving the family new hope. But, this Christmas, many families like theirs will be alone in isolation, I need of the light and laughter of Over The Wall’s camps – both virtual, and in-person.

You can give another family of seriously ill children the gift of mischief and magic this Christmas, with a £25 donation.

This Christmas more and more children like Reggie urgently need your help

Right now, more children than ever before are living with serious or life-limiting conditions, enduring a childhood of illness, hospital stays, and isolation.

In fact, 1 in 10 children in the UK is living with a serious illness – and around 100,000 children have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. That number will rise by at least 11% by 2030*.

That’s why we’re asking you to donate and help make sure every seriously ill child and their family can enjoy the magic and mischief of childhood here at Over The Wall.

At the same time as the demand for our camps grew, the impact of the coronavirus crisis meant we saw a drop in our income.

100% of your donation will go towards helping more children get the chance to try new adventures, make new friends, and discover the confidence to plan for their futures.

Maisie, Frankie & Reggie

Will you donate today so more children like Reggie can enjoy the life-changing magic of Over The Wall?