So…what is Camp in the Cloud?  

Camp in the Cloud is a virtual environment containing lots of activities, games and challenges – lots of the things you would see at a residential Over The Wall camp, but taking place in your own home. The resources you’ll need to complete activities will be in the Camp in the Cloud activity box.  

What’s the schedule?  

Your schedule will be emailed to you approximately one week before camp starts and a full schedule of events will be visible to you when you login to your homepage. 

There will be a registration period so that you have time to log on to ensure you have no issues accessing the platform, to have a look around (remember lots of the activities won’t be available yet!), and make your profile to tell the other campers in your team who you are.  

 To be fair to everyone, the live activities will start on time, so if you are late you are very welcome to join in, but we cannot wait to start activities.  

In between these times there are lots of other activities and games to explore too at your own pace.  

What types of activities will be available?  

We will set a different challenge each day known as a ‘Headline’ challenge. The activity sheets and resources for all Headline challenges will be in your box; one day this will be Arts & Crafts, one day it will be Problem Solving and one day it will be STEM.  There will be a daily Dance Party after lunch and each morning you can vote for the dance you’d like to do. Afternoons will be freeflow time – there are various activities you can discover by exploring Camp in the Cloud including active challenges, mindfulness and wellbeing, a movie, arts & crafts, and games such as archery and sailing. There is also a message board where you can chat with your team.  If you are attending a Family Camp, there will also be opportunities to interact with other families.    

What’s this about a postal box?  

You’ll receive a box in the post approximately one week before camp, containing all the resources you’ll need to participate in the online activities. The resources are organised into coloured envelopes by day…don’t open them until the day!  

There will be video or written instructions on Camp in the Cloud to help you complete the activities. There will also be written instructions in the envelopes.  

What do I need to participate?  

You’ll need a device that can connect to the internet; this can be a PC, laptop, tablet or phone or a combination of these. Ideally your device will have a camera/webcam as when you’ve completed your activities and projects, we’d love you to take a snap of them and upload them to the camp gallery so we can see what you and the rest of your team have been up to. Cabin Chat will also be via Zoom video conferencing. You’ll also need your postal box which contains the physical resources needed to participate.  

Who will I be online with?  

Depending on which camp you are attending, you will either be part of a team, assigned by age, or you will be online with other families just like yours. And of course, we will also be on the platform with you, ready to help whenever needed.   

Is there any adult supervision?  

Camp in the Cloud will be supervised by Over The Wall staff. At camp, we have a 2 to 1 policy, whereby no adult is alone with a child; this policy will also apply to Camp in the Cloud.  

What about security?  

We take camper safety very seriously. Access to the platform is password protected and campers and families are asked, for the safety of all children participating, that passwords are never shared.   

The initial password you will receive is automatically generated and is long for security purposes. You can copy and paste this when logging in to Camp in the Cloud for the first time, where you will then be prompted to change your password.  

And what about safeguarding?  

Camp in the Cloud will be supervised by Over The Wall staff; all have enhanced DBS and reference checks and safeguarding children training. Campers will be required to agree to our Camper Charter, which was written by campers, and sets out expectations around behaviour and how we treat others. Camper message boards will be moderated by our staff to ensure content is appropriate, and staff will be present for virtual Cabin Chat. Over The Wall has zero tolerance for bullying and/or harassment – on and off the platform.  

What do I do if I have concerns?   

If you’re worried about something, please click on the ‘Need help’ button on Camp in the Cloud to connect you to a member of Over The Wall staff. You can also email  

What’s expected of me?  

For all our camps, whether they’re in person or online, we expect everyone (campers, families, staff and volunteers) to sign up to our charter. This was written by our campers:  

1. Be Respectful and Responsible    

2. Celebrate Differences    

3. Include and Accept Others    

4. Always Appropriate    

5. Ask for Help    

In order that everyone feels safe, valued and respected on Camp in the Cloud, we may need to revoke access to Camp in the Cloud for anyone who is unable to meet the expectations of the Charter. 

Staying safe online  

In addition to our Charter, we ask you to keep Camp in the Cloud a safe and respectful environment by:  

Keeping your device secure – ask a parent or carer to help with this, there are lots of great tips in the video below.  

Please just email with any issues big or small.