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Information for healthcare professionals

The medical programme at camp is overseen year round by our Nursing Team. The team will review each child’s application to ensure we can meet their needs at camp. They may contact parents or the child’s nurse/doctor if they need further information or specific care plans.

Medical provision

The medical team at camp is known as ‘Beach Patrol’. They are a team of volunteer nurses and doctors led by our Nursing Director or one of the OTW Nursing Co-ordinators. Our volunteer Nurses (child, adult and learning disabilities) come from a range of clinical backgrounds. Our volunteer Doctors are ST2 and above in Paediatrics, General Practice or Emergency Medicine. We have at least one doctor at each Health Challenges camp, who is practicing at a senior level (ST4+). All are subject to an interview, references and DBS check.

How to refer a camper?

Referring a camper couldn’t be easier. Just fill in the referral form below and one of our regional coordinators will get in touch with you as soon as possible.

Referral form

“Thank you so much for looking after my boy and giving him such a wonderful experience. I think the fact that he was crying because he didn’t want to leave says it all. He has had the best time!”

-Camper Parent

Healthcare professional form

Every child applying for our Health Challenges Camps must have a Healthcare Professional Form completed by their Nurse Specialist or Consultant. The child’s application will not be fully assessed until this form is received. This form must be completed by the child’s Nurse Specialist or Consultant. Forms completed by parents will not be accepted.

Healthcare professional form

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South & London Regional Coordinator

Camper Recruitment: Allan

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Midlands & North of England Regional Coordinator

Camper Recruitment: Michelle

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Scotland & North East England Regional Coordinator

Camper Recruitment: Susanne

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