Every child deserves fun, 
friends – and a new hope for the future 

Jim’s Story

When Jim was just five years old he was diagnosed with an auto-immune disease so rare that it doesn’t even have a name. For over a decade, he was in agonising pain.

Instead of spending his childhood playing football in the park, Jim was in and out of hospital wards. Instead of having fun making friends, the only people Jim spoke to were doctors and consultants.

Jim stopped believing he’d ever get better. He stopped believing he’d ever be able to have a normal life. Rather than plan for the future, he planned for his funeral. It was the only thing he felt he had any control over.  

Seriously ill children like Jim urgently need your help to be able to attend a life-changing camp at Over The Wall. Will you donate today?

Over The Wall – A Life Changing Camp

“Although I had successfully had a transplant to eradicate the disease, I was still struggling. I’d spent so much of my childhood in hospital I found it hard to connect with kids my own age. Me and mum were both worried that we’d arrive at family camp and I’d be on my own. Again.

Every day at camp was a new discovery. I tried activities I’d never done before, getting involved in fun challenges like climbing a tower of crates. In the evenings I danced at the disco and messed around with my new friends.

For the first time in my life, I met kids who knew what it felt like to spend months alone in hospital – friends who knew the pain of feeling there was no future.

For years, my life had been my bedroom and a hospital ward. Since camp, my life has no boundaries. I want to go everywhere, meet everyone and do everything. Over The Wall helped me to see that nothing could stop my dreams. Now I know what I want to do in life.

Camp gave me the confidence to say yes to life. Now I’m at college studying tourism and hospitality. My dream is to work as cabin crew so I can travel the world, meet new people and discover new places. 

That’s the amazing difference Over The Wall supporters like you can make. Before camp, I used to plan for my funeral. Now I’m planning for a future where I will be flying high!” – Jim

More and more children like Jim urgently need your help

Right now, more children than ever before are living with serious or life-limiting conditions, enduring a childhood of illness, hospital stays, and isolation.

In fact, 1 in 10 children in the UK is living with a serious illness – and around 100,000 children have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions. That number will rise by at least 11% by 2030*.

That’s why we’re asking you today to donate and help make sure every seriously ill child and their family can enjoy the magic and mischief of childhood here at Over The Wall.

At the same time as the demand for our camps grew, the impact of the coronavirus crisis meant we saw a drop in our income. 

100% of your donation will go towards helping more children get the chance to try new adventures, make new friends, and discover the confidence to plan for their futures. 

Will you donate today so more children like Jim can enjoy the life-changing magic of Over The Wall?

*Make Every Child Count, University of York 2020