OTW receives its fourth ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED rating

We are delighted to announce that Over The Wall has received its fourth  consecutive ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED rating.

Following previous inspections made at camp, OTW was commended for the quality of the experiences it provides for children with serious illness, and for the progress children make whilst at camp.   

Having attended camp, OFSTED inspectors considered the quality of work from the OTW team and volunteers, and the differences the charity made to the lives of children and young people. They watched how OTW volunteers and staff work and considered the effectiveness of the help and care provided. Wherever possible, the inspectors interacted with campers and their families.  

The OFSTED report stated that: “The energy and positivity at camp is infectious. It results in one big group of very happy people having a lot of fun and feeling accepted. The impact of the camps on children long after camp has finished is also significant. Children themselves can describe the difference it makes to them. They are more confident and independent, and their self-esteem is developing. The camps allow children to discover new opportunities in a safe way and thrive as a result of this. Parents see this first-hand. One parent stated, ‘My daughter also gets a chance to talk to other children about her fears, etc, which is possibly the best form of therapy I can think of’ and ‘Now I have a confident young lady who’s willing to try new things and is kind and caring, who looks after new campers who are worried.’”  

The report drew further on the comments from parents gathered by  OFSTED inspectors and continued: “This comment from a parent demonstrates what a magical and extraordinary experience these camps offer to children ‘Camp is a week of evidencing to my son what he CAN do. This is possibly immeasurable except to him and us, his parents. When he first went to camp last year, he returned with aspirations for the first time in his life. He believed he could grow up to achieve. No other adult had ever given him such self-belief before.’ 

Our CEO, Kevin Mathieson said, “Everyone at OTW is absolutely delighted to have received our fourth consecutive ‘Outstanding’ OFSTED rating. It is an accolade we are truly proud of. It is also a reflection of the hard work  and  dedication of Over The Wall’s staff and volunteers and clearly demonstrates our commitment to ensuring that camp is a memorable, life changing experience for everyone who attends.”