Who can come to camp?

Health Challenge Camps

We invite applications from children aged 8 to 17 years, living in the UK, who are currently receiving treatment, or experiencing health challenges.
This includes, but is not limited to:

To ensure the child is able to benefit fully from our camp programme, they must:

Unfortunately, we are unable to accept children who:

Before attending camp, each camper’s parent application and a medical form completed by their own doctor or nurse, is reviewed by one of our Nursing Team. This is to ensure that the camper meets our eligibility criteria and that their needs can be met by the team at camp. Any required care plans can be formulated ahead of time. We will consider the child’s ability to participate in the programme, their psychosocial wellbeing, and what other opportunities are available to them. Each application is considered on its own merits, however as places are limited, we will give priority to those children who have not attended camp before.


Sibling Camp

We invite applications from children aged 8 to 17 who have a brother or sister (of any age) who is currently receiving treatment, or experiencing health challenges. Unfortunately, we are unable to accept children with behavioural or social communication needs that would prevent them from participating in age appropriate group activities.


Family Camp

We invite applications from families who have a child aged from 0 to 17 years, who is currently receiving treatment, or experiencing health challenges. One child in the family must be aged between 8-17.


Returning Campers

Over The Wall accepts applications from returning campers who continue to meet our camper essential requirements, and will allocate camp places based on need. Campers who have attended camp previously may be placed on the reserve list, to allow new campers to experience camp. Reserve list places will be allocated based on need and availability. As we’re always trying to improve our application process and with each child’s changing needs, families can apply for as long as they meet our criteria and a new application will be required on each occasion. Places are not guaranteed and whilst we consider every child’s needs individually, returning campers may be put on the reserve list to allow new campers the opportunity to experience camp.

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