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Head Office Staff

We’re currently not recruiting any roles at Head Office at this time. Please come back soon as this page is updated regularly. 

Check out our volunteering opportunities below to join in the Over The Wall magic!

Volunteer Roles

Teammates are an essential part of camp, supporting campers throughout their time at Camp, building fantastic relationships whilst encouraging and inspiring and empowering campers as they complete camp activities. Campers will be divided into teams based on the age groups of 8-10, 11-13, 13-15 and 15-17. 

Or do you have an interest in an activity area? E.g. Arts and Crafts, drama or sports? Join our activity team to run some fantastic sessions that have been planned by our activity team and will be taught to you so that you can confidently run them and help bring some fun and excitement to the sessions.

Your mission should you wish to choose it is to capture all the magic moments of camp! If you have some photographic or videography experience and have a flair for capturing those special moments then this could be the role for you at camp. We will provide you with the equipment and time to collate the spectacular moments of fun campers have had a camp. You will put these together to create a slide show which is shown at the end of camp to everyone to really enjoy and look back on all the amazing of experiences they had at camp.  

Our Safeguarding Officers are an extremely important part of Camp as they act as ambassadors of our Safeguarding policy, helping to ensure the mutual protection of Campers, Volunteers and Staff.  

Your role would be to be available to discuss and advise the Over The Wall safeguarding staff on any potential concerns which have been raised. Whilst you will not be responsible for contacting the appropriate authorities to investigate concerns, you will be vital in ensuring the correct channels are made aware of any Safeguarding breaches. Throughout Camp you will also need to be vigilant and observant to ensure Safeguarding procedures are in place and being followed. 

Nurses, doctors and paramedics have a critical role to play at an Over The Wall Camp, to provide safe and effective care, whilst joining in the mischief and magic of camp. Can you help?