Healthcare professionals

We are asking for referrals so we can reach the children, young people and families that would benefit most from this free and fun service. It doesn't take long to refer, and the benefits of taking part in Camp are phenomenal!

Heathcare Professionals

As a Healthcare Professional, you may come into contact with children and young people with Health Challenges, who often don’t get the opportunity to participate in activities or may feel isolated due to their condition. This is where we can help! We are asking for referrals so we can reach the children, young people and families that would benefit most from this free and fun service. It doesn’t take long to refer, and the benefits of taking part in Camp are phenomenal. 

We have a number of free services that we can provide to help tackle issues families affected by health challenges face:

Midlands Health Challenge Camp 2022

Residential Camps

We offer medically and physically safe residential camps for children and young people with health challenges (aged 8-17), their siblings (aged 8-17) and for the whole family unit (one child in the household needs to be aged 8-17 years). Our camps allow young people to step outside of their comfort zones, establish friendships and build their confidence through meaningful and exciting activities.

Every child applying for our residential Health Challenges Camps must have a completed Healthcare Professional Form. The child’s application will not be fully assessed until this form is received. This form must be completed by the child’s Nurse Specialist or Consultant. Forms completed by parents will not be accepted.

Midlands Health Challenge Camp 2022

Camp in the Cloud

Camp in the Cloud is a free and inclusive camp-at-home experience that provides Campers (aged 6-17) and their families with a secure online platform as well as a box of all the resources needed for the activities so they can take part from their own home.

Camp in the Cloud takes place on a secure online platform designed exclusively for our campers. It offers an exciting and tailored mixture of activities which bring the magic of camp directly to your home. Many of our Camp in the Cloud activities are facilitated in real-time, and the platform has elements that encourage plenty of interaction with other families, for example a message board and camp gallery.

Over The Wall Camp in the Cloud


Camp365 is our new online programme, where campers and families can experience the magic of an Over The Wall camp from the comfort of their home. It is a free, fun and engaging way for children with an illness or disability to participate in a diverse range of online activities, events and workshops 365 days a year.

Children and young people are given access to the new Camp365 platform which includes information about upcoming events, the companies providing the events and any equipment’s which is needed (Household objects). There will also be a bank of fun activities/ resources which campers can complete at a time which suits them and will be added to on a frequent basis.

Children and young people can interact with other campers when participating in online workshops and events and can also attend Cabin chats to communicate further.

Camper enjoying Over The Wall's Camp 365


Over The Wall’s Outreach programme is where we bring some of the magic of an Over The Wall Camp to children and young people with health challenges and their families without them having to attend a camp. 

Our team run sessions in hospitals, events in the community, or other organised events for children and young people with health challenges such as illness specific family days, charity days etc. We bring along with us some of our activities and camp vibe to build the confidence and self esteem of the young people and their families.  

Two young girls in a hospital bed taking part in an Over The Wall Outreach Programme

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“Thank you so much for looking after my boy and giving him such a wonderful experience. I think the fact that he was crying because he didn’t want to leave says it all. He has had the best time!”

- Camper Parent