Over The Wall Children's Charity

We provide FREE residential activity camps for children and teenagers living with serious health challenges and their families


 Volunteer with us to change lives - including your own


"You rescued our son which
rescued us all. I am forever
grateful to you for giving
us back the son we had 
before he became ill."

- A parent

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Over The Wall camps allow children to 'kick back' and have fun in a range of recreational and educational activities, completely free of charge. We encourage Campers to reach beyond the perceived limitations of their illness and rediscover a whole world of possibilities, helping to build their confidence, self esteem, coping strategies and peer relationships.

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We are so thankful to everyone who donates their time and skill sets to help make our Camp's run. If you would like to be part of our OTW family, and enable a child to turn around and say 'I did it', especially when they never thought possible, then please read on.




Thanks to amazing people like you all our camps are 100% free. Why not take on a new challenge in 2017 to help support our campers?
From running a marathon to sitting in a bath of beans there is something out there for you. You can even make up your own challenge if you want. Check out our Events page to see what's coming up. 
I hold my head a little higher in my OTW t-shirt. I am a more grateful, patient and confident person. Thank you for letting me be a part of the OTW family.The world would be a much brighter place if everyone witnessed an OTW camp."- A Camper
Camp is quite simply magic. It is a magical place, and the magic doesn't just stay at camp. It comes home with you."

Camp makes you feel like you can achieve anything, and you realise that being happy is the most important thing in life. It makes you feel well.

 - A Camper






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