Newman’s Own Label Design Competition

Newman’s Own

You may be very familiar, as a camper or parent, with seeing the Paul Newman and Newman’s Own names twinned with Over The Wall.

Newman’s Own is a range of sauces and dressings that you’ll find in big UK supermarkets and like us at Over The Wall, it was also founded by Paul Newman. All of the profits that the Newman’s Own Foundation receive go to charitable causes and Over The Wall are delighted to be a partner of Newman’s Own and receive this support.

Design your Ranch Salad Dressing!

Here’s your chance to help us to let more people know about Over The Wall and our magical and mischievous camps as well as the difference they make to our campers and families.

We’d love for you to have a go at designing a new, special label for Newman’s Own Ranch Salad Dressing, their most popular bottle. You can get creative and design from scratch, or colour in a label with an outline design. Newman’s Own and Over The Wall will pick a few designs to go on the actual bottles which will be in stores in summer 2022.

Time to get creative

Download our colouring sheets and feel free to make the designs as individual as you like, we’d love for you to show what Over The Wall means to you and how camp has made a difference to you.

Once you’ve got your masterpieces finished, send a photo/scan to newmansOTW@englishprovender.com by 31 March 2022.

Good Luck and have fun!!