Adventures at Scotland Camp

Hear from siblings, Agatha and Bacchus, about their exciting time at Scotland camp!

Agatha: When I was four, I found out I had leukaemia. I don’t remember much from before my time in the hospital as I was in there for two years. It meant I missed a lot of school because I was very poorly.  

I was nervous going to camp because I’d never been away from my parents before, but I didn’t have to worry. Even though Scotland camp only lasted a few days, I made memories that would last a lifetime! I wouldn’t wish cancer on anybody, but there were loads of people at camp like me who knew how it felt so we could talk about it.  

I tried so many different things and met so many people. From trying archery to watching the circus, camp had lots of activities to keep us entertained. When I left camp, I felt more confident and couldn’t wait to tell Mum and Dad what I’d been up to. 

Agatha at Scotland camp

Bacchus: Last year I got to go to camp too and it was so much fun! There were other people there who could relate to me, who had a sibling who’d been ill. We learned lots of new songs, dances and activities. I can sing them at home now with Agatha in the car and we have an amazing time! I also tried archery for the first time and conquered my fear of diving! 

Agatha: I’m glad we found Scotland camp. It brought us together, allowed us to have fun and make new memories that we’ll treasure forever. When I got back from camp, I decided to cut off my hair to raise money for Over The Wall so more people could have the opportunity to go to camp.

Come to camp!

You could be the next person to experience the mischief and magic of Scotland camp! Open to children and young people with Health Challenges AND their siblings, camp is about making new friends and having lots of fun!  

Scotland camp is a four-night residential activity camp on 10th-14th July, held at Strathallan School in Perth.