Contact at Camp

Information for parents and guardians.

How do I contact my camper or the staff team whilst at camp?

Camp is a phone-free zone!

We ask that campers don’t bring their phones, or any other electronics, to camp. This is to help them get into the magic ‘camp bubble’ but don’t worry! You can still get in touch with the OTW Support Team by: 

  • Calling our head office on +44 (0)2392 477 110 and our team will contact Camp Support who will be in touch
  • Calling our head office and press 9 for out of hours

Camp is a busy place and we might not be able to answer the phone immediately, but the team will be in touch as soon as they can.

There are occasions in which members of Over The Wall staff may need to contact parents/carers. We expect all parents/carers to ensure their contact details are up to date, including those of any emergency contacts. We expect all parents/carers to be contactable for the full duration of camp, and to be able to arrange for the collection of their child from camp at any time, in the event of any circumstances requiring a camper to leave early.

Kayleigh and Amber from Over The Wall
When to contact camp

Examples include:

  • Changes to who will be collecting your camper at the end of the week
  • If a significant family event has occurred
When we will contact you

Examples include:

  • Text to let parents/carers know that all campers have arrived safely
  • Phone call or text if we have any concerns about your child, whether that be emotional, physical or behavioural