Medical Care at Camp

Information for parents and guardians.

Who will look after my child's medical needs at camp?

Introducing Beach Patrol

Our highly experienced and skilled Clinical Team is referred to as the Beach Patrol, and clinical care is provided in the Beach Hut, our beach–themed clinical room.

We try to make camp as de-medicalised as possible, but a safe and dignified environment. Our Beach Patrol wears bright pink t-shirts, and the team comprises volunteer doctors, nurses, and paramedics. The Beach Patrol is on hand to provide your child’s routine care. We may also have student nurses who work under the supervision of a qualified member.

The role of the Beach Patrol commonly includes giving medication, including oral chemotherapy, PEG, NG and NJ feeds, central lines and portacaths, dressings, stoma and catheter care, and much more. This is done in a child-friendly, fun (although safe) environment. The Beach Hut is the only ‘clinical’ area at camp; however, a doctor, paramedic, or nurse is on call for overnight emergencies at camp, meaning that families at home can rest assured. They will also have a presence throughout all the fun activities but don’t be alarmed if they are wearing face paint and joining in with the rest of the team. They are there to encourage, put campers at ease, and ensure their wellbeing.

The Beach Patrol is supported at camp under the direction of our Nursing Team and is equipped to give basic first aid and emergency care; however, we do not have the same facilities as a hospital.

Over The Wall Clinical Volunteers
Receiving medicines at camp

Our Beach Patrol administer all medications at camp; including routine, as needed and emergency medications. Medications are normally administered in the Beach Hut before/after meals and before bedtime. The Beach Hut has a number of over the counter (OTC) medications available if necessary. If you have any questions about the medical care campers receive at camp, please get in touch.

At family camp, families administer their own medication and can store it in their room, therefore dosset boxes or any premade medication is allowed. Please bring all required equipment with you. We have medical fridges where any refrigerated items can be stored safely.

Keeping your camper safe

If your child or anyone in the household is unwell in the week before camp, please contact us to ensure we can accommodate them safely. You must let us know before coming to camp if your child or anyone in the household:

  • Has any cough or cold symptoms, sore throat, temperatures, diarrhoea or vomiting in the 48 hours prior to camp 
  • Has a cold sore, is unwell or has had any injuries or admissions to hospital prior to camp 
  • Comes into contact with Chicken Pox, Measles or Shingles in the 21 days prior to camp
  • Has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Has any COVID-19 symptoms (high temperature, a new, continuous cough or loss of taste or smell)

Please keep checking our website for regular COVID-19 updates, requirements for coming to camp and further details about prevention of COVID-19 at camp.

Infection control

At Over The Wall we are very careful when managing any infectious symptoms (cough, runny nose, sore throat, diarrhoea, etc). Anyone displaying these symptoms may be asked to leave camp early to avoid the risk of infecting others. All staff, volunteers, campers and visitors are screened on arrival at camp and any concerns or issues will be discussed with the Nursing Team.

Everyone at camp is asked to thoroughly wash their hands using soap and water before and after every meal, and at other regular periods throughout the day.


Over The Wall requires all campers, staff and volunteers to be up to date with all recommended vaccinations, with the exception of campers who cannot receive these as a result of their condition/treatment.

Bringing medicines to camp

Campers require enough medication and supplies for the full duration of camp: please ensure that all medications are in date and labelled with their name as received from your pharmacy.

All medications need to be in their original containers with a pharmacy label clearly stating directions.

Campers will need to attend camp with all medications that they take regularly, and their ‘just in case’ or emergency medicines, such as inhalers. We have no way of obtaining these at camp if they are not brought to us.

If a camper uses an inhaler, however infrequently, they must bring it to camp.

Please do not send Nomad/Dosette boxes.

Please send medications to camp in a clear plastic bag.

Medical Care at Family Camp

At Family Camp, the Over The Wall Nursing Teamis available to support campers and is always available for any medical emergency. We do not have a clinical team present at Family Camp. The family continues to deliver the medical needs of the campers, and the Over The Wall nursing team will be on hand if needed. 

The Clinical Room, known as The Beach Hut, is available, and it includes equipment such as medical fridges for safe medication storage. 

The Over The Wall nursing team are on-call overnight for any emergencies