Home Sickness at Camp

Information for parents and guardians.

What if my camper feels homesick?


Whilst camp is an incredibly fun and exciting place to be, it is not uncommon for campers to become homesick during their time with us, especially if they have never been away from home before, are particularly shy or anxious, or are unaware that they are coming to camp.

There are a few things you can do at home to prepare your camper for their time with us:

  • Bring sentimental items e.g. cuddly toy, photo of family/pet
  • Discuss what they can do at camper to feel better, e.g. play card games, read a book
  • Reassure them that adults are camp are there to look after and help them
  • Let them know how proud you are of their independence
  • Do not promise that they can call home or leave camp early
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Wellbeing Support

Our volunteers are incredibly experienced supporting campers who are homesick and will keep them entertained with games and help them write a letter about their achievements at camp to show you once they return home. Our Wellbeing Team has lots of resources to help with this.

It is unlikely that your camper will call home if they are feeling homesick, as it is often the case that hearing a familiar voice can make them feel worse. Most campers adjust and settle into camp within their first couple of days, but if you think that your camper will be severely homesick, please contact us so we can discuss support that we can put in place for this.

Everyone at camp is lovely and kind. There’s not one person who gets left out, so don’t be worried! If it’s the staying away from home that scares you, you won’t even notice it. It’s almost like a new home. You do feel like you’re part of a new family. Of course, it doesn’t replace your own family, but I didn’t miss home because I embraced everything about camp. It surrounds you– it’s like a big hug.

Sophia - Camper