Meals at Camp

Information for parents and guardians.

What are mealtimes like at camp?

Dining Hall

All of camp comes together every mealtime in the Dining Hall. Campers eat with the rest of their teams and volunteers, and at the end of every meal the OTW Support Team will give any necessary announcements and read out challenges set between the teams. At lunch and dinner, we finish our meals with a Dance Party and sing some camp songs!

Please be aware that the Dining Hall is very noisy – if your child will find this challenging or will need significant support to manage this environment, please contact the team to discuss.

Allergy Awareness

We are very proud to serve children and families affected by life-threatening allergies at our camps. We also cater for a range of dietary restrictions and special diets. Please do not bring any type of food or drink to a Camp unless this has been discussed with our Nursing Team. Failure to meet this expectation may impact on any future applications to attend camp.  For this reason, the use of vending machines is prohibited.

Sample Menu

The camp menu will look different at every camp this year, but below is an example of the sort of food that will be served. If you have any concerns that your camper can’t or won’t eat enough from this menu to keep them energised for a week at camp, please get in touch as soon as possible.

If your camper has specific dietary requirements or allergies, these must be discussed with us prior to arriving at camp.

Please note that campers can only eat food which has been prepared by the chefs on site, and it will not be possible for parents/carers to provide specific food or meals throughout the week and the OTW Support Team are not able to prepare separate meals outside of the Dining Hall.