Missing Home at Camp

Information for campers

What Happens if I Miss Home Whilst at Camp?


Camp is a really fun and exciting place, but some campers do miss home whilst away.

Our wonderful volunteers are really experienced at supporting with this, and can do lots of things to help.

For example, help you write a letter home, keep you entertained with fun activities and games, as well as checking in with our Camper Wellbeing Coordinator for other resources and ideas to help you.

Kayleigh and Amber from Over The Wall

Everyone at camp is lovely and kind. There’s not one person who gets left out, so don’t be worried! If it’s the staying away from home that scares you, you won’t even notice it. It’s almost like a new home. You do feel like you’re part of a new family. Of course, it doesn’t replace your own family, but I didn’t miss home because I embraced everything about camp. It surrounds you– it’s like a big hug.

Sophia - Camper