What is Payroll Giving?

Payroll Giving is a simple way for employees to make monthly contributions to Over The Wall via the Charities Aid Foundation. Donations are taken out of an employee’s salary before tax is deducted from income, making it tax effective for staff. CAF Give As You Earn helps over 2,700 companies and 250,000 staff to give over £74 million simply, securely and tax effectively to charity each year.
If you choose to donate to Over The Wall by Payroll Giving, you’ll be safe in the knowledge that every month you are helping us achieve our goal – delivering free and memorable camp experiences to children with serious illness and their families.
Benefits to your business
Payroll Giving has numerous benefits for businesses, including financial, aiding staff retention and improving CSR (Research also shows that working for a philanthropically minded organisation aids staff retention and happiness). The Payroll Giving Quality Mark and Excellence Awards celebrate the achievements of employers who have adopted and successfully promoted Payroll Giving schemes in their workplaces, enabling employees to give to the charities that matter most to them.
Benefit to your employees
Payroll Giving is an easy, tax-effective way to give to charity; meaning it costs your employees less to give more. The system is easy to opt in and out of, giving donors full control over their giving.
How Payroll Giving helps Over The Wall Children’s Charity
Payroll Giving provides us with regular, reliable donations that allow us to plan ahead and budget for the future.
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Help us make more smiles by choosing Payroll Giving.