Your Camp Team

Information for parents and guardians

Who will be at camp with my chld?


There will be around 80 campers at each camp, all aged between 8 and 17 years old and in a similar position to your camper.

Our campers are divided into smaller, all-gender teams of around 20 campers of a similar age. Teams will spend their time at camp together; participating in activities, eating together at mealtimes and creating shared memories and experiences.

For some activities, teams may join together, creating the opportunity to form positive relationships with peers in their own team and beyond.


Each team is supported by dedicated and skilled volunteers who will support them throughout their entire camp journey, ensuring they have the best experience possible. Our volunteers spend the entire week with the campers in their team; supporting them in activities, encouraging them to challenge themselves, and facilitating a positive and inclusive environment. All our volunteers are recruited following safer recruitment procedures and receive full training prior to camper arrival.

Beach Patrol

Our Beach Patrol are clinical professionals, such as nurses, doctors and paramedics, who support with the medical care of our campers.

Over The Wall Support Team

The Over The Wall Support Team are staff who work year-round to make sure the camp experience is full of mischief and magic! This includes, our Camp Director and Director of Clinical & Recruitment, our Nursing and Wellbeing team, Activity Leaders and our Volunteering team.