Your Camp Team

Information for campers

Who will be at camp with me?


You will be in an all-gender team of about 15 campers who are a similar age to you. The total number of campers will be about 80 across 4 teams, and all campers will be between 8 and 17 years old.


Your team volunteers will be there for you for the whole of camp to make your camp experience incredible! They will cheer you on at activities, encourage you to challenge yourself and create a safe, positive and inclusive environment for all!

Beach Patrol

Our Beach Patrol are nurses, doctors and paramedics who are at camp to look after your medical needs in the Beach Hut.

Over The Wall Support Team

The Over The Wall Support Team are staff are staff who work year-round to make sure your camp experience is full of mischief and magic! If you have any questions, just want to have a chat or a face to paint… the Support Team is here for you!