Nurses Day 2023

Join us in celebrating International Nurses Day 2023, a global celebration acknowledging the fantastic commitment and bravery of nurses globally.

The event recognises the invaluable contributions of nurses to people’s health across the world.

We’d like to say a special thank you to all the nurses who have volunteered at our residential activity camps. Without our clinical volunteers, we wouldn’t be able to run our camps. Children, young people and their families who affected by serious illnesses and disabilities wouldn’t be able to experience the magic camp has to offer.

A nurse’s role at camp is to provide a medically safe environment for all our campers. This includes those who come to us with Health Challenges. They administer medication, provide support to their wider team and are on call for campers’ medical needs. Alongside doctors and paramedics, they make up our Beach Patrol team at Beach Hut. It’s a place campers go to take their medicine and receive care when needed.

Camp is a positive and encouraging place! Campers often learn to administer their own medication for the very first time:

“A favourite memory from camp is about a camper who came to Beach Hut every day to have medication down his NG tube. He’d didn't know how to do it himself when he arrived. The Beach Patrol team were slowly working with him throughout the week to show him how to do it. On the last day he came running out of Beach Hut so excited to tell us that he had finally done it himself! To see that smile and excitement was unbelievable”.

It’s nurses like you who create this fun and relaxed environment where campers can grow in confidence and overcome barriers they face in daily life.

A massive thank you to all nurses, everywhere, from Over The Wall. Happy Nurses Day!

Nurses Day 2023