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Anthony Nolan South Family Camp

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Anthony Nolan Residential Family Camp

Family at an Over The Wall Residential Family CampLet Over The Wall and Anthony Nolan help you and your family reach beyond the boundaries of health challenges to discover a world of mischief, magic and new possibilities.

Over The Wall and Anthony Nolan residential family camp is for families with a child or young person with a health challenge. It’s a two-night residential activity camp with a mix of high and low-intensity activities for all the family to get involved.

Family camp is an excellent opportunity to meet and bond with other families in similar situations.

Over The Wall welcomes the whole family to attend, with one child in the household who must be aged 8-17.

Residential Camp Activities

From climbing and archery to arts, crafts and board games, our wide range of activities allow families to have a weekend of fun, whilst also enjoying those quieter magic moments together and simply taking a break as a family.


Medical Care

Residential camps are held in a medically safe environment. The team of volunteers includes doctors, paramedics, and nurses, meaning families are suitably supported with medical assistance on hand if required.

We try our best not to interrupt all the amazing activities that the children are taking part in, so all the activities are purposefully adapted around the camper’s needs, such as common medication times, at breakfast and after dinner. There is medical support throughout the day at Beach Hut, so we are always on hand if needed.  

We will work closely with parents and families to make sure we can safely meet the medical needs of each child whilst at camp. We provide “home-from-home” care at camp, as well as responding to all emergencies.

Dietary requirements discussed throughout your application will be catered for.


Over The Wall Camps are 100% Free of Charge

Over The Wall camps are fully funded by our generous donors and fundraisers, meaning our camps are 100% fun and 100% free, for everyone, all of the time.



To help you get to camp, we have transport support options from the nearest train station. Please note that not all transport is guaranteed, but we will do our very best to support your journey.


In partnership with Anthony Nolan

This camp has been developed in partnership with Anthony Nolan.


Application Deadline

We reserve the right to close applications for this camp once we receive sufficient applications. Therefore, if you are interested, please submit your application as early as possible.


Covid Vaccinations

Please note that we require all adults (18-year-olds and over) to be fully vaccinated, including any boosters, in line with government guidance at the time of camp.

We will require evidence of adults’ covid vaccinations when they apply to a residential camp.

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